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Spacetime Engineering,USA has appointed us as their representative in India

Spacetime Product Range Includes :

Antenna Feeds: The Spacetime Engineering feeds are designed, manufactured, and tested through controlled in-house processes. The antenna feed configurations offered range from simple transmit/receive, circularly polarized 2-ports to complex multi-band, multi-polarity, multi-port feeds including additional requirements such as high signal quality, high power, and low passive inter-modulation (PIM) levels.Spacetime also offers custom feed horn designs and antenna performance predictions, including Antenna Gain, Noise Temperature, and Patterns.

RF Components: Spacetime Engineering is vertically integrated to design, manufacture, and test high-quality RF components, using a variety of manufacturing processes. In addition to already existing designs, they also address any specific RF or mechanical requirements to suit your needs, including high port-to-port isolation requirements, low ohmic losses, high power, and low passive inter-modulation (PIM) levels. Such components are currently offered in frequencies ranging from 1 – 100 GHz.

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