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Founded in 1985 , Deltronic Marketing Corporation is one of the India’s leading suppliers of state-of-the-art and offer you the world's best products in the fields of Microwave, EW, Telemetry, and Inertial Systems, Sub-Systems and Components, via our Principals, including :

     MICROWAVE , EW & RADAR PRODUCTS including EW Sub-Systems including Up-Down Converters, Exciters, Multi-Frequency Generators, SUPERCOMPONENTS including Frequency Multipliers, Comb Generators, Switchable Filter Banks and Multiplexers.The widest range of Waveguide products,

     TELEMETRY PRODUCTS including Ground & Airborne Telemetry Systems, PCM Encoders, PCM Frame Formatter Transmitters, Receivers and Antennas and Ground systems consisting of Receiving and Tracking Systems, Portable Telemetry Stations and PC based Data Analysis Systems.MIL-STD 1553 products including Tester/Simulator Cards for IBM PC,PCI bus and VME /VXI BUS.

     NAVIGATIONAL SUB-SYSTEMS including Compact Inertial Navigation and Reference Systems including Strapdown Components, Navigation Sensors, Strapdown based hybrid Navigation units,

     INERTIAL COMPONENTS including Gyros, Accelerometers,etc.

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